Thierry Halter, Plant Manager of TRIGO’s Remarketing site, tells us more about his story in the company and show us this plant’s benefits for Used Cars Reconditioning customers. 
Thierry Halter, Responsable de l'Usine1)    Could you please introduce yourself? 

My name is Thierry Halter, I am the Plant Manager of TRIGO’s Remarketing site, located in Allenjoie, France. I have been working at TRIGO Group for 10 years, having already worked as Responsible for Automotive Repairs for the East region. 

2)     Could you please explain what is Used Cars Reconditioning (or Used Cars Remarketing)? 

Reconditioning consists in renewing a Used Car so it can be back to the market in best conditions and as fast as possible. 

Hence, our goal is to offer a range of services that responds to our customers’ problematics through an industrial approach. 

Thus, TRIGO proposes a complete and optimized renewing solution, covering reception, cleaning, diagnosis, road test, mechanical repair, bodywork repair and esthetic preparation.

3) Could you tell us more about this pilot site? Why was it built in Eastern France? 

First automotive valley in France, the Eastern region is a strategic place. In addition to being in the surroundings of potential customers, we also chose Allenjoie to benefit from the local pool of automotive remarketing professionals, a highly developed activity in the region. 

Finally, it is our field experience of over 20 years, in partnership with the greatest cars’ manufacturers, that gave us the ambition and the confidence to develop and deploy this new activity. 

Through this first plant, our objective in the long term is to recondition around 10,0000 vehicles per year.

4)    What are this site’s main advantages for the used vehicles reconditioning? 

The main benefits of our Reconditioning site are: 

  • The speed of vehicles’ processing, as it is directly related to our Industrial approach;
  • The reconditioning costs' optimization offered by TRIGO;
  • The consistent and professional quality of our reconditioning services, linked to our processes’ industrialization and to the expertise of our teams;
  • The skills and extensive experience of our collaborators. Within our teams, each pole, whether it is the expertise, the mechanical, the bodywork, the painting or the esthetic poles, is exclusively composed by TRIGO professionals with a large field experience in the automotive industry. Basically, each service is enriched by our know-how on quality and by the versatility of our portfolio; 
  • Our brand-new equipment of cutting-edge technology;
  • The deployment of standard processes based on the automotive industry’s best practices;
  • And, finally, our team's flexibility and reactivity! 


5)    Today, if a customer is located far from our plant, how should he/she proceed? 

Contact us! We will be able to offer the best solution to the customer’s needs by combining our offer with possible logistics services.